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Part Number Part Description Break Strength Capacity* (LBS) WLL* Working Load Limit (LBS)
F10-39XXZNXX 10-39 Shakle/Base in Recessed Cup 6,000 2,000
F10-40XXZNXX 10-40 Shakle/Base in Recessed Cup 6,000 2,000
F10-44XXZNXX 10-44 Shakle/Base in Recessed Cup 3,750 2,500
S1050XXXPLXX 10-50 Shakle/Base in Recessed Cup 20,000 10,000
S239LXXXZNXX 239-L Wide Flange Tie-Down 5,000 1,665
S239XXXXZNXX 239-S Tie-Down 2,000 665
ZN-243426 300-C Ring & Clamp 1,500 500
ZN-223524 & ZN-223523 300-L Ring & Clamp 1,500 500
S300SXXXZNXX 300-S Ring & Clamp 1,500 500
S300SPXXZNXX 300-SP Ring & Clamp 1,500 500
S300UXXXSXX 300-U Ring & Clamp 1,200 400
F300FXXXZNXX 300-F Flush Mount Tie-Down 1,500 500
F39XXXXXZNXX 39 Tie-Down 1,200 400
F39FXXXXZNXX 39-F Tie-Down with Spacer 1,200 400
S39-APXXZNXX 39-AP Tie-Down 1,200 400
Note:: Unless otherwise specified, all ratings are based on a straight (static) tensile pull. Load direction other than straight may result in a significant reduction in breaking strength capacity.
* Rating Paraneters: To provide a reliability factor to manufacturers for the differences between static testing and dynamic (real world) loading on load securement components, rating parameters have been established. Breaking Strength Capacity is the maximum load that an assembly will withstand before failing. Working Load limit (WLL) is defined as the maximum load that a component or assembly should receive during regular use. WLL is typically calculated as one-third (1/3) of Breaking Strength Capacity. (CVSA/FHWA out of service criteria) A working knowledge of the breaking strength capacity & working load limit (WLL) in securement assemblies is necessary to properly securing a load.
Maintenance: The normal usage of tie down asemblies subjects them to wear and deterioration which can reduce the breaking strength capacity. It is recommended that all assemblies be regularly inspected. Any worn, deformed, misused or overloaded assemblies should be replaced immediatley.
Warning: Do not modify or alter products - The modification and/or alteration of any component or assembly may cause serious injuey or death.
All A. L. Hansen Mfg. Co. products ahould be used in accordance with local, state, federal and industrial regulations. The amount, type, capacity and location of tie down assemblies used in securing cargo is the responsibility of the buyer. Suitability for application is the responsibility of the buyer.
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